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With over sixteen years of experience as an author, editor, ghostwriter, and teacher, Piper J. Daniels has honed an editorial process designed to deepen, fortify, reinvigorate, and mobilize nonfiction and hybrid manuscripts-in-progress. Whether the nature of your work is personal and exploratory or driven by the desire to publish, apply for workshops, scholarships, and academic opportunities, Piper will develop a plan tailored to your needs. 

Areas of specialization include: transforming conventional memoir, assisting writers in navigating and incorporating collage and hybrid forms, enhancing and enriching lyricism and metaphor, and tunneling to the emotional and psychological core of the manuscript that you, and only you, were meant to create. 

Piper J. Daniels offers One-Time Consultation, Monthly Check-In, and Long-Term Revision schedules.

One-Time Consultation includes a thorough read-through of your manuscript, line-level editing and commentary, manuscript diagnosis, a custom reading list, input from a think tank of incredible writers (your work remains anonymous), and two writing exercises designed to sharpen the quality and intention of your next draft. 

Perfect for:

  • The writer seeking feedback on early drafts 
  • The writer with a manuscript-in-progress who feels stalled and would benefit from a fresh set of eyes

Monthly Check-In includes all services listed under One-Time Consultation, applied on a monthly basis. The writer submits their revised manuscript once a month and receives a full written consultation as well as video conferencing via Skype, Facetime, or Duo.

Perfect for:

  • The writer with a manuscript in early stages who is working toward completion 
  • The writer whose manuscript requires significant revision. 
  • The writer who wishes to infuse a manuscript-in-progress with greater formal elegance and risk. 

Long-Term Revision includes all services listed in One-Time and Monthly Check-In with the added benefit of a custom-made accountability structure that enables the writer to meet personal and professional deadlines and remain focused and inspired. 

Perfect for:

  • The writer in any stage of manuscript creation who is serious about completing a manuscript, particularly if they plan to submit work for publication, grant proposals, academic programs, MFA assignments and theses, scholarships, and workshops. 

-The writer engaged in defining their writing practice, process, and schedule.  

To inquire about rates and obtain references, please message Piper J. Daniels here.